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Orgasm during labor

Commences Ends When talking about childbirth the most common words used to describe the sensations are excruciating, exhausting, and intense. Although actual numbers are imperfect due to many women never talking about it, a study by French psychologist Thierry Postel revealed that about 0. It may seem like an oxymoron, however Shamanic birthkeeper, Avalon Darnesh , believes birth is the ultimate sexual experience therefore it is natural that our sexual organs can experience it as pleasurable.
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The Argument for Masturbating During Childbirth

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'Birthgasm': A Literary Review of Orgasm as an Alternative Mode of Pain Relief in Childbirth

Ask most women about their birthing stories, and sexual pleasure doesn't come into play. Childbirth is messy, painful , and decidedly unsexy. So when Angela Gallo, a Melbourne-based doula and birth photographer, wrote a blog post extolling the benefits of touching herself during labor, the reactions were pretty predictable: Tabloid articles soon proliferated, followed by shocked and appalled commenters. Gallo, for her part, said she's just grateful to have delivered her second child on her own terms—and touching herself was just one piece of the puzzle. She described her first hospital birth as a "cascade of interventions," beginning with 20 hours of labor, followed by contraction-inducing Pitocin and an epidural, then three hours of fruitless pushing that culminated in a vacuum-assisted delivery of a healthy baby girl. For her second birth, she opted to do the bulk of laboring at home, assisted by her husband and a doula.
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Yes! Orgasms During Birth Are Real, Study Suggests

Is it really possible to orgasm during birth? The connection between childbirth and sexual pleasure may be closer than we think, according to experts. Think for a moment about all the ways you've heard childbirth described. If I were a betting woman, I'd throw down good money that "orgasmic" probably isn't at the top of the list, if it's even on the list at all.
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The maternity ward application of decades-old research on masturbation as a natural painkiller — the release of oxytocin potentially soothes contractions and moves things along — shocked some and intrigued others enough that orgasmic birth seems, based on press coverage finding numbers on this is impossible , to have had a brief moment. Now, the idea of climactic or pleasurable delivery seems to be gaining traction again. Still, the science of orgasmic birth is murky at best. And some experts believe that using orgasms to induce labor can actually pose health risks. Evidence for or against getting off in the delivery room remains largely anecdotal and so the discussion about the medical merits and demerits of this approach is typified by comment board discourse.
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